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Year 2020 marks 17 years Sieverts Radiation Consultancy has been in operation providing radiation safety and protection advice across the radiation industry.

We are committed and will be continuing to take a leading role in the ongoing development and implementation of radiation safety and protection in Queensland and across Australia.

We, at Sieverts Radiation Consultancy, would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our clientele across Australia for your continued trust in Sieverts with advice on radiation safety and protection, radiation shielding and compliance standards. We hope you find our quality advice assists you in all aspects of your radiation needs in your practice.

“Sieverts Radiation Consultancy looks forward to providing you with high quality advice to meet the radiation needs of your practice.”
William Tan, Director
Medical Physicist & Nationally Accredited Radiation Safety Officer


Keep records of all compliance testing reports

For all compliance testing conducted on a radiation apparatus, whether by Sieverts or an alternate accredited compliance tester, make sure you request from the compliance tester a copy of the summary report detailing the calculated radiation parameters such as the dose exposure, leakage, kVp accuracy, linearity and other relevant testing results.

Recordkeeping is becoming increasingly important to properly demonstrate compliance to the radiation safety standards particularly if your practice is subject to random audit by the Radiation Health Authority.

Don’t risk being caught out for lacking records on matters relating to radiation safety and protection.

Keep radiation equipment and apparatus at optimum working condition

Make sure your radiation equipment and apparatus are appropriately serviced for wear and tear, maintained, up-to-date and calibrated for clinical use at all times. This is an essential part of radiation safety for clinical use and for the safety of operators.

For due diligence, keep adequate records of any mechanical repairs or service maintenance of the radiation equipment and apparatus.

Appoint a radiation safety officer for your practice

A qualified and trained radiation safety officer can assist your practice with information and advice on legislation, regulation, standards, policies and procedures or any aspects of working with radiation.

Across Australia, it is a requirement to appoint a qualified radiation safety officer for all radiation practices.

At Sieverts, our physicists are trained and qualified radiation safety officers and able to assist on matters relating to all aspects of radiation safety. Contact Sieverts for advice on all aspects of radiation safety and protection or if you wish to engage us as your radiation safety officer for your practice.

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